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15 February 2011
Pitha Utshob

A Nipobon organized cultural event. "Pitha" a Bengali word, means cake and "Utshob" means festival.  It's a festival of hospitality, eating various kinds of delicious and sketch cake in the month of Paush, the 9th month of Bengali calendar year. It's in winter, the 5th season of sixth in our country.

The winter comes with its biting cold. Nature looks dull and gloomy. But many kinds of seasonal vegetables then grow in plenty and it is dame cheap in this time. Our people organize many cultural and flock events everywhere in Bangladesh. Its as like as country of joy.

"Paush" is the synonymous of prosperity, solvency, opportunity, favorable moment etc in Bengali culture. It is the ending ceremony of our school year. In this time we published the result of our annual examinations.  It's a re-union of parents, students, guest, publisher, newcomer and well-wishers of our school. Press and media also attend in this program. It's also a traditional and too much colorful festival.
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