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Donate to Nipobon Preparatory School:
We need your help and ideas to maintain, improve, and enhance our current program and have the opportunity to implement it. Donate Now!

Sponsor a Child:
Sponsor the cost of education for one under privileged child. The aim is to support this child financially till he completes elementary education and is able to admit a regular school. Regular progress report of the child to build a strong sponsor-child communication.
Cost of single student's education for per month: $18
(including teacher's salary, uniform, Books and accessory's supplies.)
You can help Nipobon to achieve its mission, in several ways..
  • You can help with your ideas and volunteer in our educational activities.
  • You can adopt a part of our volunteer service (School building rent, teacher's salary, uniform, Books and accessories supplies).
  • You can Sponsor a child.

Donate Now:
We seek your generous contributions for our school. Contributions of any amount like, $1 will be greatly appreciated. We bear our own expenses so 100% of your contributions will be used for our student's, for our school. You may send your donation in the form of a cheque or demand draft drawn in favor of Nipobon Preparatory School and send it to us at the following address.

Nipobon Preparatory School
C/A. # 43270
Pubali Bank Ltd.
Barisal Branch, Barisal,

You can also donate online through PAYPAL -

You may designate any of our part as the target of your contribution, if you wish, or you may leave the target to our discretion. In case you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Nipobon Preparatory School
Kawnia Branch Road,
Barisal-8200, Bangladesh.
Thanks To Our Sponsors & Donors:
Nipobon Thanks all the Sponsor and Donors across the global. We express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to Nipobon Preparatory Schools.We are deeply grateful for your continuing support and generosity in helping us educate, change lives and get a step closer to making our mission a reality.

We will always remember and cherish the pleasant memories. Thank you and we look forward for your support.
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