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What it is? It's a concept of Education through entertainment for the CHILDREN.

As we know, every CHILD like to live in a joyful environment and homely atmosphere. In almost all the school in the world there are some barrier in it, It might be by the name of rules and regulation or by punctuality and manners. CHILDREN don't like it at all.

Rather they like to go to a school which they find as a part of their home. They don't think about school as far from the home. And they like to think about their teachers as family.

Rabiondronath Tagor, the Noble winning Bengali poet and world famous educationist, from his point of view - the environment of studying
CHILDREN'S should be easy, enjoying and animated. The morality and interdict pressure kills inborn propensity of a CHILD.

Teacher should always make the lesson as funny as possible. Beside institutional education They should act to introduce them with cultural envolbment, such as music, drama, art, choreography etc. There are variety of ways including the support of modern technology, electronic device as equipments.

But where are the school and the teacher? In thirdworld countries it will be at dream only for many issues. Among them we could identify 4 issues -

1:  The socio-economic starchier of teachers and students.
2:  Environment and economical states of the school.
3:  Regular training and upgrading of the teachers and
4:  Change in mental state of guardians toward education process is more important to make it happen from the dream and to the reality.

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