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Kindergarten Forum a union of Kindergarten, elementary and pre-schools which is organized to addressed for overall development of every students, teachers, parents and administration of these schools.

It's a non government organization. abdus sobhan baschu was thought about it in his many points of view and feel the need of create a platform to serve some duties and responsibility for the CHILDREN. At the same time Professor Moksed Ali Dewan, founder director- Adarshaw Shishu Niketon and Professor Muazzam Hossain, founder director- Ideal Pre-Cadet School feel the same and get together in 2005 make this non profitable but meaningful organization.

Some of prime activities of this forum are:
  1. To organized many of school under some disciplinary rules and regulations.
  2. To serve teachers training and upgrading program regularly.
  3. To incept a scholarship examination, some cultural and sports events through the student of all members school every year.
  4. And to redress any kinds of obstacle of any member's school any time any where.

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