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  Kindergarten; why it should be subsidize in Bangladesh  

Kindergarten is the well known name in elementary education of Bangladesh. Near about over two lacks pre-schools are working here regularly in the mane of kindergarten, Preparatory, Pre-cadet, Model school etc. and they all are public or privet school.

The participation of elementary education of Bangladesh, Kindergarten creates a highly satisfactory position. They contribute over 50 percents of total effect. But 99 percents of school are operating with rental apartments. House rent, staff salaries and others establishments cost are not so easy to affordable for every school.

No government aid, no social investment, no public contributions are here. Rather some time few obstacles make it difficult. Maximum of teachers are here act as like as social worker by token remunerations. They take teaching as a mission. But quality education is not obtainable through these forms of practice.

There are over 16 crore population now in Bangladesh and children's are 20 percents of them. Children; the future leaders of a nation. Without better school we can't expect better society, better nation and without better remunerations we can't get better service form the teachers. Not only that, we should make ensure to subside for the school children's also...

Government primary schools 'Madrasha' a kind of institute which is operate by Muslim religious community and here are children's also enjoy learning, feeding, boarding at free of cost.

In fact, the socio-economic statuses of our much people are not so good, corruptions are much more stronger then anticorruption in everywhere, politics and political leaders are now going to be our liabilities, law and order is not up to the marks today.... So, at such a time it's near to the impossible a self-fuel children's educational organization run smoothly through out the year without any aid...

As you can imagine in Bangladesh it is how difficult to sustain the affordability of a self –funded school. To operate this school, a small amount of money is received from the students as admission and tuition fees and the rest of money is collected through worldwide well-wishers.
To sustain this kind of program I personally would like you to donate just $1.00, this will help immensely. YES you heard correctly just $1.00. Imagine as a collective whole how much this will add up to.

If you like, you can mail us directly at: and to make a contribution please send it at Nipobon Preparatory School, C/A. 43270, Pubali Bank Ltd. Barisal Branch, Barisal, Bangladesh.
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