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Hello Dear,

Today I am introducing you to a very special friend of mine called abdus sobhan baschu who is the Director and founder of Nipobon Preparatory School situated in Bangladesh for children aged 4-10 years of age.

You know, the school is an independently self funded organization, an extra ordinary cultural-friendly children’s school. Nipobon is not a commercial Institute rather it's a school where educational activities are operated through entertainment.

Nipobon believes that cultural activities can develop a person, a family, a nation and that's why Nipobon usually organizes 6 cultural events in a year to make sure the children are preserving their natural culture enabling them to carry this forward to the next generation through proper teaching.

Other Responsibilities:

As you know there are natural disasters each and every year in Bangladesh and many people including CHILDREN suffer through these disasters. The Nipobon family always tries to help these children throughout these disasters and helps many orphaned children become enrolled into other schools, as well as buying books, uniforms and accessories every year.

The Challenge:

As you can imagine in Bangladesh it is very difficult to sustain the affordability of a self –funded school. To operate this school, a small amount of money is received from the students as admission and tuition fees and the rest of money is collected through worldwide well-wishers.

How You Can Help:

  • You can help with your ideas and volunteer in our educational activities.
  • You can adopt a part of our volunteer service (School building rent, teacher's salary, uniform, Books and accessories supplies).
  • You can Sponsor a child for as little as $18 a month. (Including teacher's salary, uniform, Books and accessory's supplies.)
  • I personally would like every friend of mine to donate just $1.00, this will help immensely. YES you heard correctly just single dollar. Imagine as a collective whole how much this will add up to.
Please, for more information or to make a donation or email abdus sobhan baschu directly. Plus don't forget to add abdus sobhan baschu as a Facebook friend and keep up to date with the schools progress throughout the year.


With much love..


Hassan Abidur Reja Jewel
Brand Ambassador
Nipobon Preparatory school

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