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Nipobon Preparatory School is an independently, self-fual organized, extraordinary, cultural friendly kids school.

In August 2001, Abdus Sobhan Baschu and his wife Afroza Begum Simki are found it at Barisal a divisional city of Bangladesh for the childrens of 4-10 years old.

Nipobon is not a commartial farm. It's a complite kids school. Where educational activitis are opparet by thrugh entertainment. Nipobon is financialy supported by a lot of friends of the world. Nipobon try to do something extra ordinary about elimentory education in Bangladesh.

Cultural activities:
Nipobon believe that cultural activities can developed a parson, a family, a nation and that's why Nipobon usually organize 6 cultural events in a year to make every kids deserving the next generation through practice properly. Here are some of the photographs of them.

Others responsibilities:
Nipobon works for the kids. There are some natural calamity each an every year in Bangladesh. Many people including KIDS suffers at that period. Nipobon family always tries to help them as far as possible. If you are with us that will be better and more beneficiary for those helpless kids.

Not only that, Nipobon helps many orphan kids to get themselves admitted  in schools, buying books and accessories every year. You are also cordiality invited to help them with us. You can send us in any little or nothing donation as like as $1 or more, YES you heard correctly just $1.00. Imagine as a collective whole how much this will add up to.

Nipobon Preparatory School
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