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  A S Baschu  

Born: December 07, 1967 at grater Barisal.
Activities: Painter, Actor, Writer, Organizer, Journalist & Teacher.

Education & works:
Few momentums with these institutes as a student at Barisal:
Abdur Rahman Sikder Memorial Govt. Primary School
Brojomohon Biddeyaloy (B.M. School)
Govt. Barisal College
Govt. Barisal Polytechnic Institute  

Few momentum with these institutes as a teacher at Barisal:
The Barisal Academy
Charukala Biddeyaloy (An institute of fine Arts)
Easho Chabi Anki (A school of fine arts)
Adventist international mission school (English medium)
Amrito Lal Dey Kindergarten (Bangla medium)
Nipobon Preparatory School (Pre-English medium)

Few relationships with these organizations as an organizer at Barisal:
Founder secretary: Barisal Kindergarten Forum (A union of KG school)
Founder editor: Samskrity Shamachar (A cultura news paper)
Founder Executive editor: Kindergarten Bulletin
Founder Director: Easho Chabi Anki (A school of fine arts)
Founder Director: Nipobon Preparatory School
Founder secretary: Chandradwip Theater (A drama unit for kids)
Secretary General: Charu film society
Executive: DIC management committee (HIV-Aids preventing program) Barisal
Former Executive: Nazrul samsad, Barisal
Former Executive: Baitun Nur Jame Mausq, Barisal
Former Executive: Sabdaboli group theater, Barisal

Now working: As General Manager of E.motion, Dhaka.

Below are some of my recent articles and a dream I wish to share with you -

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